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Dependable, Accurate GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Find a long-term vehicle tracking solution that you can depend on. At Fleet Track USA, we give you the scalable GPS fleet management system that you need for comprehensive monitoring control.

Get an asset tracking system that allows you to monitor equipment location and status in real time, at all times. Contact us to learn more about the online tracking solutions that we offer.

Take advantage of the cutting-edge technology within your reach. Learn about how we've helped companies manage service fleets by visiting our Testimonials page to see how we've made a difference.

Dependable, Accurate GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Keeping track of every single vehicle in your company's service fleet can be a challenging task to take on, especially if you do not have the manpower to do it effectively. Being certain of the whereabouts of company equipment at any given time also becomes difficult to achieve without the right tools. Those problems are in the past with the innovative GPS tracking solutions of Fleet Track USA. We analyze how your fleet operates and then create the GPS system that best suits your needs.


Monitor your company's service vehicles efficiently and accurately.

Call us today for GPS fleet tracking solutions.


Fleet Track USA in Sanford, Florida, offers GPS tracking solutions to companies looking to keep an eye on their fleet vehicles. We help you find and configure the fleet tracking system that perfectly suits the way your company service fleet operates. Responsive and service-oriented, we follow a hands-on approach when collaborating with companies while developing fleet management systems.

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