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Advanced Energy Services

"Our GPS system from Fleet Track USA started paying for itself the day we turned it on. With our tracking and mobile dispatch terminals, we can immediately find the closest truck to the call, dispatch the driver, and provide in-cab audible navigation to each location". It's fast, easy to use, and efficient. Our customers appreciate our ability to provide real time information as to when the truck will be arriving."

lackton Incorporated

"As a contractor for the local utility, we are dispatching our trucks to new business and residential addresses throughout the day. This system is a perfect fit for scheduling and dispatching calls, and providing navigation to each stop. Its best feature is it saves us effort, time, and money. Dealing with John Rhea has been a pleasure and he is a real team player. I am confident you will enjoy the same experience and the same great service we have had from John Rhea and Fleet Track USA."


"While evaluating a GPS fleet management system, we had a little apprehension about how our drivers, many of whom have been with us for years, would feel about having GPS in their trucks. To our amazement, once the system was installed, the drivers said they liked it! They told us they could get their work done without us constantly calling them to find out where they were on their delivery route. With our fleet management system from Fleet Track USA, we have eliminated frustrating phone calls, voicemail tags, and all the waiting time for drivers to get to a stopping point where they can call to update us on their progress. Plus, we can provide our customers with timely and accurate information on their deliveries. The system allows everyone to be more productive and enhances our reputation for delivering quality customer service."


The customers Fleet Track USA serves in Sanford, Florida, are our best brand evangelists. Their comments inspire us all the more to provide the best fleet tracking system solutions. Here are some of what our clients say about us:
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