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Track Company Equipment Location and Status Accurately

You can now keep a close watch on all yellow iron (heavy equipment) in construction sites with online tracking systems from Fleet Track USA in Sanford, Florida. Our GPS asset tracking systems are capable of pinpointing your equipment's location accurately. You can also get information about the status of your equipment in real time. We've taken the guesswork out of the construction asset tracking equation.

GPS Asset Trackers:
Fleet Track USA represents BeWhere GPS asset trackers and Bluetooth Tracking Beacons.  The newest member in the BeWhere line is the BeWhere BeTen GPS asset trackers which are ideal for powered and unpowered assets.  The BeTen operates on the latest 4G-LMT-M network.  The BeTen is small, self-powered, and requires no wiring. It comes in both battery and solar powered asset tracker versions.  Our BeWhere Bluetooth Beacons are also great for tracking tools and assets at a job site.  The small Bluetooth Beacon let’s you know when you’re in proximity of the asset, and if you’re leaving a jobsite and left the asset behind.  BeWhere is a  Geotab Marketplace integration so your vehicles, assets, and tools can be accessed right from your Geotab GPS website.  We recently installed the BeWhere  GPS asset trackers at a trucking company in Orlando.  I can assure you that thieves will never find the trailer trackers we installed.  Our Orlando GPS customer is sleeping better at night knowing his trailers are being tracked.

Driver Safety Cameras:  Driver cameras are the hottest technology in the fleet industry today.  Fleet Track USA is leading the way with our line of Rosco Vision XC-4 driver cameras.  The XC-4 is a dual lens camera capturing video out the windshield and in the cab.  Rosco’s XC-4 internal DVIR recorder comes standard with a 64G SD card providing days’ worth of continuous recording and a sectored event file for hazardous driving incidents.  Rosco Vision is a Geotab Marketplace integration partner, so now you can add driver cameras with “Live” view and event files, and access the video data right from your Geotab GPS website.  We installed our first Rosco XC-4’s driver cameras in Miami and Jacksonville FL over a year ago. 


Using online technology, you can quickly and conveniently access equipment location and status information through your online and mobile devices. This way you can efficiently monitor equipment in work areas remotely. The GPS tracking system we offer also allows you access to maintenance reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now you can keep track of the following equipment without having to personally inspect construction sites:

Earth Movers | Pavers | Rollers | Generators | Cranes


With quick access to precise information, you can now easily determine the various matters vital to keeping equipment functioning consistently. Our asset tracking system lets you know when a machine is due for maintenance servicing, or if it is operating beyond its design parameters. Now you don't have to send technicians to personally check each and every piece of equipment. All reports and alerts can be accessed online or through your mobile devices. You can then relay the information to all parties concerned through email, keeping your maintenance costs low. Our asset tracking system is capable of providing precise information related to the status of the following:

Engine Hours Since Last Service | Operating Temperature  | Engine RPM | Oil Pressure


Enhance the security factor when monitoring company equipment with an asset tracking system that also functions as a stolen asset recovery system. While LoJack™ devices help law enforcers locate stolen property only after they are verified to be missing, Fleet Track USA's asset tracking devices perform around the clock. You do not lose out on recovery time as our tracking system readily provides you with text notifications the moment an asset moves beyond its permissible boundary. This way, you can recover stolen assets quickly or prevent them from being stolen.

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